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Nanabozho & Animoshak

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This happened one time while Nanabozho was still alive. Dogs lived close by where Nanabozho lived. They lived up on the hill and Nanabozho lived down below the hill. Once when he arrived after hunting, many dogs where around. They came from all directions. They had a great gathering. This is what the dogs used to do.

As the day became dark, they became very loud. Nanabozho could not sleep so he had a thought that he would go and scare those dogs and that they would never return here again. So he got up and climbed up the hill so quietly that he hunched his back.

He walked into the house and he was so amazed. There were so many dog tails hanging on the wall. Many different kinds, fury ones, skinny ones, long ones, short ones and there were many different colored ones. This was what the dogs used to do when they would walk into a house, they used to remove their tails much like we do when we walk into a house we remove our shoes.

The dogs were in the other room. Nanabozho inched little by little step-by-step, and then he saw the dogs. So he yelled out loud. Fire! Fire! He said. Back then the dogs could understand Anishinaabemowin. Then Nanabozho ran outside.

The dogs jumped up in panic. They started grabbing their tails any tails at all. They mistakenly grabbed the wrong tails and that is why to this day whenever dogs see each other they sniff one another. They are looking for their own tails.

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